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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  January 31, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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constitution. in one decision he promoted hobby lobby arguments in providing free contraception in the affordable health care act. the nomination comes on a busy day in washington. today transportation second elaine chow was sworn in and three more cabinet nominees were approved by senate committees. they include former texas governor rick perry and ryan zinke for interior second and education nomination betsy devos and democrats blocked those treasureny nominee steve mnuchin and tom price until there's more vetting. and right now ktvu political analyst brian sobel has more perspective. what do you think. >> we will see what the early reaction is. democrats are concerned about a trump pick. wouldn't have mattered who it was and republicans are happy
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with the selection. >> what do we know about judge neil gorsuch. >> brilliant and has written on many subjects. we know he is probable pro- life. he is against assisted suicide and euthanizeya. he has written a lot and wrote an interesting piece about the senate confirmation process saying that it leads a lot of great people on the sidelines and he cited two people. john roberts the head of the supreme court and also merrick garland. >> the one that has been nominated by president obama. >> and it was for a different post and he didn't think the senate treated them very well in the confirmation hearings. >> tell us what happened now. he made his pick and tell us about the confirmation process an. what happens and what needs to fall in place? >> we will go through hearings
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and where the democrats will have their shot at vetting his legal record, his writings, everything he has touched and everybody he has talked to will be subject to questioning. they will try to profile who this individual is. they are going to find out that he breaks conservative and on some things he is like scalia. for example, favoring defendants in criminal court cases over the prosecution. setting the bar very high for prosecution to prosecute somebody. which you might think is a conservative and this is a unusual and it is not. there is going to be interesting positions we will see emerge. >> is there any way democrats can block him from becoming the next supreme court justice. >> not ultimately. >> there are things like a filibuster to be overcome. i think there is going to be a big statement made because of
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garland being held back obama's choice and i think they will go through all of that the end of the he will be confirmed. >> we have to wait because we will have to find out how much fire power they will use and ammunition because at the end of the day president trump could have two more picks. they are trading a conservative for a conservative. >> someone that in many respects writes like scalia. it is a trade. now how much as you say do you want to utilize against this person when you know you will have to come together for block the next candidate. >> let's broaden this out. president trump has been in office a little more than a week. you have been aren't political process for years, give us your perspective on president trump and his first week-and-a-half. >> it has been stunning. in the sense that every three minutes getting an announcement
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or executive order or executive mem memorandum or something. he says i want to hit the ground running and want to accomplish these things and in a week-and-a-half he has done everything and talked to world leaders and if you want to criticize him, easy enough but you can criticize him for his energy doing a lot of stuff. >> we were talking about the way he came out and roiled out his pick for u.s. supreme court. it was a more toned down, more calm president trump. >> i think he is beginning to understand if i may -- >> the nuances. >> and the gravity of some of his decision making. the supreme court justice will be there if he lives a long good life for another 30 years, 35 years on the bench. that's a big deal. that is way beyond his presidency. has he sees the impart of what
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he is doing he may sober and be soft spoken at times. >> brian. thank you. appreciate your perspective. >> white house spoke person sean spicer strongly defended president trump's decision to fire acting u.s. attorney general sally yatess. spicer says his refusal to defend the president's executive order banding travel as dereliction of duty from the nation's top officer. >> it is a fully legal order and for the attorney general to turn around and say i am not going to uphold this lawful executive order it is clearly a dereliction of duty and should have been removed and she was. >> the new acting attorney general was named immediately after yate fired. dana boete ordered the justice to defend president trump's executive order on immigration and refugees. >> in sacramento democrat lawmakers are pushing ahead to a bill that would turn
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california in to a sanctuary state. it would prevent resources on the enforcement of federal immigration laws. law enforcement would be prohibited from arresting anyone because of their immigration status. if it is passed and becomes law it would directly oppose the executive order signed by president trump days ago. this measure does not impede the enforcement of federal immigration law. it simply restricts the resources of our tax dollars to dots job of the federal government. >> the bill would allow agencies to refuse to provide information to federal authorities that would include information like a person's legal status and address and home number and work address or jailed release date. san francisco supervisor jay kimp is hoping to create the first transgender district and introducing the compton cafeteria the historic duty
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named after the 1966 riot at compton's cafe that is considered the first protest over transgender rights. the new district would run from jones to mason for a few blocks above market and include two blocks along 6th street south of market. supervisor kim said of the proposal on the heels of a new presidency that has taken away the rights of transgender citizens. san francisco will be inclusive citizen for all of our visitors. the latest on the search
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now for a fugitive.
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now to hayward where there is no sign of an inmate that escaped custody in the middle of a freeway. deputies from kentucky were driving the prisoner to the airport for extradition. >> crime reportser henry lee has the story. >> 27-year-old sean new wanted in kentucky for fraud and identity threat and arrested for dui earlier this month. sheriff deputies from boone county kentucky picked him up in dublin. they were headed to sf oand their rental car got stuck in traffic on 880 near the 8th street off ramp in hayward. >> while on 880 this morning traffic was at a standstill and that suspect jumped out of the back of the rental car that they had. and escaped on the freeway.
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last seen going on the freeway southbound. >> it is unclear if the back doors of that rental car were properly locked or not. the inmate was still in handcuffs when he escaped. alameda deputies and ch p officers converged on the area and could not find him. i reached out to the sheriff's office and asked what happened. a spokesman says the deputies have not been fully interviewed but he says we as a department want thank the california authorities for their response and regret any inconveniences that this has caused. >> there are thing to do but right now that will be up to kentucky officials to deal with. that's not our issue. our issues the recapture of this escapee. >> police and deputies will be increasing patrols. new is a white man 6'1", with
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brown hair and brown eyes, 165 pounds. wearing a blue shirt and blue jeans and brown boots. if you see anything suspicious or see new call 911. henry lee, fox 2 news. still ahead. concerns about being swept up in the immigration band. >> my families were not happy about it. my neighbors, they were not happy about it. >> coming up next, the two afghan interpreters that came to the the u.s. on special visa forces and why they are worried. >> tracking the rain around the corner. it will have be impact on commute and the weekend. see you back here on the details.
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last friday president trump signed an order from keeping certain refugees from coming to the united states. a ninety day band to the united states from iraq, iran, libya, somalia, sudan, syria and yemin. >> there are concerns that some of those swept up in the ban are interpreters that help u.s. forces overseas. we spoke to two interpreters that came here on visas. we have the story. >> amadi learned english from watching movie. which troops showed up soldiers asked him to translate. >> my family was not happy or my neighbors. >> but he believed in the mission to bring freedom and peace to afghanistan.
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even if traveling with the u.s. army was dangerous. >> anytime you go to the missions there is a possibility of being killed and any time you enter in the mission we always get convoys or ambushes. >> mohammed arrived in san francisco on saturday. his friend, former army interpreters raised money quickly to get him into the u.s. this week and held at u.s. customs in seattle. >> they kept me three hours and they didn't ask me any questions. >> both men toll stories of risking their lives for u.s. army mission. >> his best friend was fearful of the job and quit. but was targeted by the taliban. >> he said it is too dangerous for me. two week later his hip was cut
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up. >> when the troops started to pull out they received threats. >> i am working with jewish army and the enemy of moslem. i'm a spy. so if i didn't quit they will kill me. >> there is no way for me to stay back in my village. my family was threatened. my brother was -- stopped many times by insurgents and i was under watch off of the taliban. >> both men applied for special forces visas years ago. >> i applied in 2010 and took me until 2013 to get my visa. a long process you have to go through background checks and polygraphs and different papers. >> and they still worry about the people they left behind. the families who were denied
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visas. lee martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. and here is the system they were tracking out there. we got rain in the forecast. we had a nice long break with out rain and the creeks and rivers and everything outside had a chance to drain down. the system is got everything. 6500 snow foot levels and not a warm storm down the middle and it gets here as we head to tomorrow night and that sets up with a late afternoon commute and most certainly a wet thursday morning commute. i believe thursday morning will be the commute of issue. with the wind advisory that will be in effect in the mountains. a winter storm warning for thursday morning as well. some light scattered showers or sprinkles trying to show up but it is cloudy and this is what the day looks like tomorrow. mostly cloudy the entirety of the day. there is your outside shot. the transition, it is still warm. low 60s today and you can feel
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the transition occurring. here is the breakdown, the system obviously. we will click it in here and today was a nice day. no question. tomorrow is all about the increasing clouds. this system here. this is the system increasing clouds and this one will wrap in around it and set us up with a good opportunity for a few sprinkles. a few showers especially wednesday night and thursday. here is tomorrow morning. not bad, cloudy and a few sprinkles and in late the day. the five or 6:00 commute may have a few sprinkles not much and overnight right there. midnight to two a.m. pretty heavy rain and the winds get going. kind of stormy. thursday morning the remnants of that storm will be on the roadway, puddled water and maybe rocks and maybe swampy in the hillsides and scattered showers for that thursday morning commute. thursday afternoon commute a few showers and the commute more scattered showers. thursday is a way day in the
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morning. and as you go to friday morning the mountains will be getting it. a couple feet of snow and then friday at lunchtime and that's it. so we are getting into wet weather but here is the upshot. dry and we get hit and we kind of go dry again. this period is unsettled but so important, nothing on the back end. one to two inches possible and maybe three inches in the coastal hills and that pails in comparison to what we have had. >> a little drizzle. >> thursday morning's commute will be wet. patriot's quarterback tom brady spoke out about what he and his family doing. mark will have that and more coming up in sports.
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mark is here with the raiders. as cliche as it sounds a long and winding road. >> the long and widing road has hit a make roadblock. maybe a rock slide. >> or a pot hole. >> on the head of raiders organization.
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the oakland raiders organization specifically mark davis may create a powerful enemy in las vegas along that trail and not going to say the deal is completely dead but i think raiders fans can look mr. davis in the eye and say not so fast as this team is still the oakland raiders and they still have those nice pretty renderings and not as the billionaire mogul sheldon addalson pulled out goldman sachs has pulled out as well and addalson is a huge client of goldman sachs and a writer has been chronicling this for the newspaper. the nevada independent and had this to say earlier about it. >> addalson is known as a guy, a tough guy and doesn't like to lose and has been known if he thinks he is wrong to sue and so we will see how angry he is.
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he has a lot of political clout here. he owns a major newspaper so if he is mad, we will find out quickly. put it this way. sheldon adelson will put in 600 million-dollars and there is not too many others that will put in 600 million-dollars. we will see where it goes from here. march 25th is the date that nfl owners are supposed to vote on this situation. it means things are are a little volatile. tom brady talked about this year in particular for him, his four-game suspension and the stress and anxiety that caused in his family and happy to mention that all of his family including his parents most close to him are going to be on hand for the super bowl and got pretty emotional as he talked
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about that today. >> and i have had a challenging year for my family for some personal reasons and nice to have my dad and mom here and have been so supportive and nice to be here to show them and make them proud of me. >> we have had drama with a bay area connection reporters looking for an angle, well a reportser himself got into the business last night. that of course is the future coach of the 49ers kyle shanahan but art spander long time columnist in san francisco accidentally walked away with mr. shanahan's play book last night. it caused a stir as he
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accidentally picked that up. >> after my phone exploded and people calling me, i walked back where i met shanahan, he was gone and somebody from the falcons says there it is like the hope diamond and grabbed it from me and i said i never opened it. what is in there? game plans. i said i couldn't read them anyway. >> one of the oldest tricks to leave a fake game plan and i am glad you picked up on that. >> you get fined for leaving your play book so you don't want to do that. >> i think everything ended okay. >> i don't think we will punish the coach. we will let him slide this one time. >> he is a good dude. hard to find a good guy like that. >> you can use your play book. you know art spander that is perfect. thank you for joining us. have a great night everyone. good night. good night.
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